Love, the word is thrown around so much lately that is has lost its meaning. I hear it every day. "I love this", "I love my job", "I love to fish", etc. Most of them mean that they have a strong liking towards whatever they "love". But I think I've found the real deal. I thought of my own deffinition the other day when I was missing the sweetest girl in the world. This is what I came up with.... The difference between "love" and "like" is this. When you like someone, only the good/positive things are appealing. When you love someone everything is beautiful about them no matter what it is.

Ok, so obviously, if you've clicked on the "Love" link you probably don't have a love life and just want to spy on mine. Haha, well you won't see anything here that interesting if you're looking for wierd stories or freaky pictures. I made this section to tell everyone about this wonderful woman that I met. Hehe, its kinda funny but I met her online. If you care to visit her site its in the links section (Mixed Candy). Ok, well her name is Val, and shes an awesome artist. She has some of her work displayed on her site. Every second that I'm with her, I feel like nothing can hurt me. I remember the day that she told me the liked me. Its kinda funny, but she hadn't really even met me. I wish I had more pictures of her, because I miss her every day that I don't see her. I'll put links to the few pictures that I do have with her at the bottom of the page. Well I'm sure ya can tell I love to rant and rave about this chica. Haha, and if you think this is a're wrong. I could go on and on for days about this girl. She funny, cute, smart, beautiful, talented and most of all, caring. Lol, ok, well I'll stop, because this mushy stuff makes most people

Alrighty, here are the two most treasured pictures that I have....

**By the pool**

**In the driveway*

Yes, I know, shes beautiful. =]